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Mitigate Risk, Reduce Cost and Simplify Process

My-profile is an innovative in enhanced diligence, comprehensive searching, supplier vetting & background screening solutions. 


Who we are

My-profile specializes in credentials verification company that concentrate on niche market of qualification, professional, identity, criminal records, credit records, drivers-license, deeds search, lifestyle assessment, vehicle valuations and history, competency assessments, vendor vetting and Africa verifications. We are 100% black owned, managed and level 1 BEE contributor.

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Mitigating RiskMajority of fraudulent activity
occurs internally.
• Identify and monitor employee and supplier risks
• Conflict of interest
• Tender collusion
• Entity status
• Doing business with Government employees.
• Verify business partners.
• Understand property and company associations.
• Understand individual’s or company’s credit history.
• Identify common interests.
• Trace individuals.
• In depth investigative solution
•Assistance with local and global legislative compliance
• Political exposure of business partners
Reducing Costs• Employ the right candidate.
• Reduce staff turn over by verifying credentials; assisting you in making informed decisions
Online workflow solutions providing ongoing monitoring, dramatically reducing effort and man-hours.•Single platform to obtain comprehensive public record information on a pay- per-search basis allowing you to control your own spend.• Leader in content with most extensive African data.
• Covering more than 44 000 sources.
• News
• Global company info
• Biographical
• Sanctions
• Political exposed persons

• Electronic online solution.
• User friendly interface
• Document and certificate upload/storage
• Integrates with any internal systems
• Batch upload with swift response
• Ensure up to date supplier information
• Ensure BBB-EE compliance by
validating & obtaining the latest certificate
• Minimum human effort
• Continuous and ongoing monitoring
• Online solution
• Access to a comprehensive list
of public record information
• Access Electronic • Deeds Office
• Documents
• Access 24/7 across all platforms
• Single, searchable portal
• Content leader - most extensive
African data
Covering more than 44 000
• News
• Global company info
• Biographical
• Sanctions
• Political exposed persons